Export Compliance Statement

Export Compliance Statement

Export Controls Compliance Statement

Last Updated: March 2021

This Compliance Statement applies to both Munro’s Electron Beam Software Limited (MEBS) and Munro’s Consultancy Services Ltd (MCS), referred to collectively as the MEBS Companies.


The MEBS Companies operate in a highly sophisticated technology sector and are proud to serve customers all around the world. Accordingly, we must be vigilant in complying with all applicable international trade laws and regulations, including export controls, embargos and sanctions. The MEBS Companies are committed to growing our overseas business in a way which is both compliant with relevant legislation and reflective of best industry practice, and to do business in an ethical and responsible way.

Although none of the MEBS Companies’ software, products or services are currently regulated under export control laws, we understand that these laws are regularly reviewed by government authorities and are subject to change at short notice. This is especially true for us as a company based in London, England, following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (“Brexit”).

The MEBS Companies have therefore implemented the following procedures:

  • Adherence to the trade and export regulations, and guidance provided by the Department of International Trade.
  • Ensuring that no item (including technological information) is imported or exported without first determining if a licence is required.
  • Abiding by clear policies and effective procedures including appropriate record keeping and internal audit arrangements.
  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of international trade compliance within our business.
  • Ensuring that all necessary licences are applied for and obtained prior to exporting any controlled goods or technology.
  • Screening all of our customers and suppliers to ensure that we do not do business with prohibited entities or in sanctioned jurisdictions.
  • Requiring all of our customers to comply with all applicable regulations.

Please report any suspected or actual violations of any laws that involve (or are suspected to involve) MEBS  software. Any such reports may be submitted anonymously and in confidence, without threat of retaliation, by sending an email to MEBS’ Compliance Officer at export@mebs.co.uk

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