Export Compliance Statement

Export Compliance Statement

Export Controls Compliance Statement

Last Updated: January 2021

Policy statement

Due the nature of our businesses, Munro’s Electron Beam Software Limited (“MEBS”) and Munro’s Consulting Services Ltd (“MCS”) are subject to export control laws. We take our responsibility seriously and understand the importance of complying with all applicable laws, regulations and procedures.

What is export control?

Export control laws are enforced in countries throughout the world to support national security and foreign policy, and to prevent the illegitimate development of weapons and related terrorist activities. Some of the technology sold and supported by MEBS and MCS is classified under export control regulations as “dual-use”. This means that although they are neither designed nor intended for military purposes, they could possibly be modified and misused for military purposes.

Many countries, including the United Kingdom, require businesses that provide dual-use goods or information overseas to obtain special export licences. Such licences are required even when the transmission of the technology or information is made through communications networks, to include via the Internet, secure servers, email, and telephone.

Our commitment to compliance

Our ongoing commitment to export controls compliance includes:

  • Adherence to the regulations and guidance provided by the Department of International Trade and the Export control Joint Unit.
  • Abiding by clear export control policies and effective procedures and processes including appropriate record keeping and internal audit arrangements.
  • Promoting knowledge and understanding of export control regimes within our business
  • Ensuring that all necessary licences are applied for prior to exporting any controlled goods or technology, and that any licences we hold are correctly used in line with their conditions.
  • Screening all of our customers and suppliers to ensure that we do not do business with prohibited entities or in sanctioned jurisdictions.
  • Requiring all of our customers to comply with all applicable export control regulations.
  • Keeping up to date with evolving legislation and relevant regulations.

For our business it is essential that we comply with the legislation: failure to do so would bring serious penalties for the company and for the individuals concerned. It is in all our interests that the controls are effective to ensure we make the world a safer place.

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