The WIEN Family

The WIEN Family

Column Design including Wien Filters.

The WIEN family of software packages handles complete columns of round lenses, multipole lenses and Wien filters.

WIEN Flowchart



Multipole and Wien filter systems.

The WIEN program handles complete columns containing round lenses, multipole lenses and Wien filters and calculates aberrations up to 3rd-order.

Purchase Options: Base package, Rocking beam option for, WIEN (RBW-3), Mask option (MASK-3), Requires SOFEM Field and 3D Field


Multipole and Wien filter systems with aberrations up to 5th – order.


WIEN-5 extends the capabilites of WIEN to include aberrations up to 5th – order.

Purchase Options: Upgrade from WIEN, Rocking beam option for WIEN (RBW-5), Mask option (MASK-5)


Optimization of aberrations up to 3rd – order.

The WIEN-REFINE module takes the initial design of the column, and interactively refines it to optimise the performance. A electron beam column contains many design parameters that can be varied and there are numerous aberrations which each depend on the variable parameters. WIEN-REFINE allows the user to choose which design parameter to vary and which aberration to target.  The program then runs several optimisation cycles and generally yields designs with better properties than those obtained through trial and error.

Purchase Options: Upgrade from WIEN


Optimization of aberrations up to 5th – order.

The WIEN-REFINE-5 module extends the functionality of WIEN-REFINE to allow optimisation of the aberrations up to 5th – order terms.

Purchase Options: Upgrade from WIEN-5 or WIEN-REFINE

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