The SOFEM Family


2D Second-Order Field Computation and Direct Ray Tracing

The SOFEM package uses the second order Finite Element Method to give increased accuracy to two dimensional field computations

SOFEM Flowchart



2D second order electrostatic and magnetic field simulation

The SOFEM Field software computes the potential distributions of magnetic and electrostatic lenses using the Second-Order Finite Element Method (SOFEM).  SOFEM Field is used to calculate the fields for several MEBS packages.


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SOFEM Ray-Tracing

2D direct ray-tracing using second-order finite element method


The SOFEM Ray-Tracing software provides the facility for the computation and plotting of electron trajectories using direct ray-tracing through the computed electrostatic and magnetic lens fields. Since the field components are obtained to a high accuracy (typically better than 1 part in 10000), the trajectories obtained with this software are very accurate, and can be used to estimate the lens aberrations directly from the raytrace.


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