The SOURCE Family

The SOURCE Family

Electron and Ion Beam Source Design

The SOURCE family of software is used for the simulation and design of electron and ion sources. Upgrades allow magnetic focusing, tolerancing and the computation of coulomb interaction effects.

SOURCE Flowchart



Electron source design (electrostatic focusing only)


The SOURCE package is used for analysing and designing electron sources taking into account volumetric space charge effects. The software uses the second-order finite element method, which provides greater accuracy than the first order method and which allows very accurate modelling of curved cathodes and electrodes. SOURCE can only handle rotationally symmetric or planar symmetric structures.

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Electron source design (including magnetic focusing)


The SOURCE-MAGNETIC software extends the capabilities of the SOURCE software to include magnetic focusing generated by magnetic lenses.

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Electron source tolerancing


Real columns suffer from asymmetry errors caused by small mechanical imperfections during construction and alignment.  Using the SOURCE-TOLERANCE software the user can compute the perturbation fields  and aberrations due to tilts, misalignments and ellipticities in the electrodes or cathodes, to ensure that the system will perform in accordance with its design specifications.

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Coulomb interactions in electron sources


All of the SOURCE modules take into account volumetric space charge effects. SOURCE-CI extends SOURCE to include the effects of inter-particle coulomb interactions. Such interactions are always computationally intensive, but our fast tree code coulomb algorithm helps to reduce computation time.

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