Training & Education


In addition to the support services which can be purchased for each of our software packages, MEBS offers tailor made training programs which enable the user to obtain maximum benefit from our software.


All software is accompanied by a comprehensive manual which often contains examples as well as detailed information on file preparation, result analysis and some details on the Physics which is used in the computations.  However, many of our customers find that to unlock the full potential of the powerful features and to use the software in the most efficient way, some face-to-face training is beneficial.


Our training programs can be conducted either at our premises in London, or at a location which is convenient for you and your colleagues.  Training can take place over several days, depending on the complexity of the course, and the training programs are always built around your specific requirements, using examples and simulations which are suited to your needs. Training can take place at a variety of levels – from basic use of the software to high level training using complex simulations.

In order to start using the software quickly and efficiently, training videos which explain the main features can be purchased for some of our software packages.


Electron optics is not often taught as a standard course at universities now.  MEBS has developed its own lecture courses which are based on a series of lectures given by Dr. Eric Munro.


The lecture courses can run over several days depending on your requirements and the lectures can be adapted to the technical level of the audience.  If you have a particular field of interest, we are happy to provide lectures which are specific to these areas.  Full lecture notes and any additional material will be provided with any lecture course booked.