State of the art charged particle optical system design tools to maximize the designer’s productivity and creativity

Our Full Software Brochure

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Munro’s Electron Beam Software Ltd. (MEBS) was founded in 1991.  Our software is used worldwide by many electron microscope manufacturers and by manufacturers of charged particle optical equipment for the semiconductor industry. We are a small, agile, efficiently run company, dedicated to supporting customers in high-technology sectors, based on many years of experience in the field.

With a rapidly growing demand for specialised consultancy work, we set up our sister company Munro’s Consultancy Services Ltd (MCS) in 1998, specifically to handle design work for clients.  Through MCS we also offer electron optical lecture courses, software training and a bespoke design and consultancy service.

The Core Software Families

Electron optical column design

Electron Source Design

Discrete Coulomb interactions

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